• VFP / VFB Series

VFP / VFB Series

Water treatment plant with obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier, metering pump and chamber filter press or bag drying station


Obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier

The process water suspension accumulating in production is guided to a dirty water collection basin. This is pumped by a specially designed submersible pump to the obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier to be clarified.

The process water flows from the production through the specially coated honeycomb structure. With this honeycomb structure, the obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier performance is 10 times greater than a conventional sedimentation tower.

The solid particles in the dirty water are separated by the physical flow process of the solid/liquid separation and sedimentation in the particle hopper.

The sediment concentrated here can be dehydrated via a chamber filter press or bag drying station. The water cleaned in the lamellar clarifier flows over an overflow to a separately provided fresh water tank and is then returned to the process water circuit.

The obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier is equipped with a manual cleaning function.

Basically, ECS VFP/VFBs can operate without the addition of flocculants. A liquid additive is added to achieve the full clarifying performance at maximum production load.


  • Obliquely-arranged lamellar clarifier with specially coated lamellar packages and ECS honeycomb structure
  • Clarifying performance 10 times greater than conventional sedimentation towers
  • Stainless steel inlet screen
  • Manual flushing function of the lamellar clarifier via valve
  • Metering pump and injection port for addition of additives and sedimentation accelerators