• T812V4 L-XL CNC / 3 Axes

T812V4 L-XL CNC / 3 Axes

Compact working center with working capacity (up to 3600 x 1500(L) / 1900 (XL) mm)

  • One or two tools magazines allowing from 13 to 26 tools.
  • Vertical stroke 400 mm : Work on large thickness (dimensional, monuments)

T812 : A Valuable investment

A very sturdy design (weight 6000 kg !), symbol of quality and long life.

Granite table (tilting optional)

Brings sturdiness which improves the polishing quality, increases the tooling life and reduces the noise.

New anti-rust paint

Which required 3 years development tests made with sea fog demonstrated a 10 years protection. The processing of this paint is environmentally optimized, with 60% less of wastes in the air.

Automatically adjusted vertical pneumatic pressure

Thanks to cylinders it optimizes the work of the tool on the slab (increased lifetime by tool wearness). An asset to manufacture drain boards or to process more important surfaces.

B3 head with oscillating segments type Frankfurt

Length 70 mm for granite or engineered stone flat polishing (ideal for re-polishing a scratched slab)