Dry Smartwall

  • It is equipped with a modular structure entirely made of galvanized steel 20/10.
  • The suppression of the dust occurs thanks to a system of pocket filters made of polyester 550 g/mq with an anti-oil and anti-water treatment. It allows a real and effective suppression of 99%.
  • A steel mesh basket is found inside the filter element and it allows to always mantain a correct cylindrical form. This way it guarantees an optimal efficiency during the suction phase, even when the filter element is very loaded with dust and it could tend to flatten. 
  • 24 cartridges are installed on every linear meter of the dry cabin.
  • The filter surface is 15,60 mq/m.
  • A compressed air system is run by a completely automated PLC. It cleans the filter cartridges from the risiduals dust with an air jet of 5 bar. The removed dust is deposited into extractable drawers which are located at the bottom of the machine.
  • Every machine is divided in half by a watertight bulkhead, which creates two separate suppression chambers.
  • The cleaning process occures in a set of alternate phases between the two watertight chambers. This guarantees a constant suction of dust, even during the cleaning of the filter bodies: while one chamber gets cleaned up, the other one keeps working. An hydraulic jack shuts the slots located on the front panels, so the dust does not reattach to the filters.
  • Smartwall is equipped with a noiseless double intaking fan, directly coupled to the electric motor. In this way, thanks to an inverter (optional) the suction capacity can be directly regulated from the electrical switch panel. No more misaligned pulleys, no more belts breakdowns.
  • Last but not least, Dry Smartwall can be shipped disassembled in modules, and for this reason the trasport costs can be considerably reduced. The modules are easy to assemble, without any support of specialized technician.


Model Lenght Width Height Pump Engine Luft Intaken air Pull down
mm mm mm kW kW m3/h %
DSW-30 2870 950 2700 2,2 15000 fino a – up to 99 %
DSW-40 3870 950 2700 2,2 + 2,2 30000 fino a – up to 99 %